Fishing Bear Lodge

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Fishing Bear Lodge

We are a small family operated fly-in fly fishing lodge catering to a maximum of eight guests per week. Our unique wilderness location in the 1.6 million acre Wood River-Tikchik State Park gives us unparalleled access and opportunity to share Alaska's most diverse river and stream fly fishing with our guests.



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Rainbow Trout Fishing, Fly Fishing, salmon fishing in alaska, Pike Fishing, wood-tikchik state park

About Fishing Bear Lodge

We are located in the heart of Bristol Bay's trophy rainbow trout area with some of the highest concentrations of rainbow trout, Arctic grayling and Arctic char in Alaska. Additionally, our region offers some Alaska's best dry fly fishing. When you are standing in one of our rivers and it "turns on" with big rainbows and grayling sipping dry flies, there is no finer fly fishing experience on earth. We hope to see you for a week of outstanding fly fishing on the beautiful rivers and streams surrounding Fishing Bear Camp.


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