Our Story

It all began with a man trying to find a place to fish.

Mark Alexander, an avid outdoorsman, has hunted, fished, and explored places all over the world. He has spent a great deal of time researching outdoor experiences, asking his friends about outdoor experiences, and scanning the Internet to find outdoor experiences. So much time was spent trying to find something to do, that he often felt it wasn’t worth all the trouble.

“Why,” he asked himself, “can I instantly find a good hotel or a good restaurant anywhere in the world, but I can’t do the same thing when I want to find a place to fish?”

Mark dreamed of a tool that aggregated and rated various outfitters and experiences to help people choose the best experience for their time and money. He imagined one place on the Internet where all those amazing adventures could be booked and paid for with the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger. He envisioned a community of people like him, who loved the outdoors, but were tired of relying on word-of-mouth or big box outdoors companies to tell him where the most amazing places in the world were hidden. He realized that a great outfitter or guide might not also wish to be a web designer, social media personality, or a professional marketer. A great outfitter or guide might simply want to be a great outfitter or guide.

He realized that many of the world’s best outdoor experiences were only accessible through word-of-mouth or through a sign on the side of the road or through luck.

He dreamed of a tool that would bring people and the people who provide outdoor experiences together. He dreamed of a tool that would bring more people to his love of the great outdoors.

From that thought Global Outdoors was born.

For two years, Mark and his development team, led by his son, Mark Alexander; their friend and partner, Wade Leonard; designer, Addison Hall; and the good people at Life-Cycle Solutions, have worked to bring Mark’s dream into reality.

All of us here at Global Outdoors welcome you to our great experiment. With your help we intend nothing less than to make Global Outdoors the premier solution for discovering and booking outdoor experiences. No matter your experience level. No matter your interest. If it happens outside, you will be able to find it and book it on Global Outdoors.

Go hunting. Go fishing. Go exploring.

Just GO.